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It's a subject open to near-endless debate and discussion. The physical characteristics a rifle must have in order to be accurate, shot after shot. These are:

1. A free-floating barrel with competent leade, lands, grooves, and crown.

2. A fully-bedded receiver (bolt-action).

3. A non-flexing, environmentally-stable stock.

4. A trigger which breaks consistently, at the same force, with minimal over-travel.

5. An adequate and properly mounted scope.

6. Optimized ammunition.

7. Good shooting skills

Accurate rifle shooting, like any other skill, takes practice, a lot of practice. However, unless the rifle shooter starts with and maintains good shooting habits, he or she will never develop further than the weekend golf hacker with a poor swing. Once is luck, twice is luck...ten times is skill. Therefore, always keep the following seven important points in mind:

1. Think. Do not rush. Every shot is a money shot.

2. Ensure that the barrel is clean and dry.

3. Have the rifle secure on a stable rest.

4. Make sure the aim point is clearly visible.

5. Maintain consistent shoulder pressure.

6. Apply a smooth trigger pull.

7. Do not test shoot on windy days.

Pistol accuracy and safety title

While it may sound obvious, the key to accurate pistol shooting is to prevent the barrel from deviating from the point of aim. However, considering that pistol barrels are invariably less than 5in long with a correspondingly short sight picture AND that in order to attain a 5" group at 10ft, the barrel may not move more than 1.2 degrees up or down, left or’s not quite so obvious after all!!! Therefore:

1. Always ensure that a correct sight picture is used, and:

2. Always ensure that a smooth trigger pull is applied.

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