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Xactshots workshops consist of a regular classroom-style atmosphere with materials on hand for practical learning and demonstration purposes only. Each session is approximately 4 to 5 hours long (dependent on number of students and questions).

To allow for more individual attention for everyone, there is a maximum of 12 students per session. Students are provided with illustrated instructions to take home.

There's a practice reloading work station, and some reloading equipment in the class, but no firearms, loaded bullets or explosive materials of any kind. Nor any shooting at all.

It's fun, practical, hands-on instruction in the fundamentals and techniques of cartridge reloading without any of the concerns of using real materials.

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The advantages and economics of loading your own ammunition.

Properties of cases, bullets, powders, and primers.

Basics of interior and exterior ballistics.

How to define shooting goals.

Choosing the appropriate reloading equipment.

Setting up your reloading workspace.

Selecting the appropriate cases, bullets, powders, and primers.

How to correctly assemble the cases, bullets, powders and primers into finished cartridges.

Testing and modifying the finished cartridges for the most accurate, cost effective ammunition possible.

Component storage and handling.

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Your Xactshots Reloading Training Workshops instructor has 40 years experience in all aspects of metallic cartridge reloading. He is also an award-winning, international Quality Control/Quality Assurance lead project engineer formerly employed by some of the world's largest oil companies, and has a reputation for precision, technical knowledge, personnel training and safety.

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